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Bill and his bass player Cathy Faber have created a new web site www.billhearne.com that will keep you up-to-date with Bill's latest adventures.  This billandbonnie.com site will remain active for CD order information and for the in-depth background it provides about Bill and Bonnie. 

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I'll let Bill tell this one:

"Well, ole Bill Hearne has died and gone to heaven. Not really, thank God. “Santa Fe Bale” just finished their first rehearsal at John Wagner Recording Studios in Albuquerque . What a treat. My new classic country/honky-tonk/roadhouse band is on its way at last. A two year dream spawned by my former bass player and dear friend John Egenes is finally happening.

     As a teen in Dallas , I was very much a non-conformist when it came to music of my generation. Yes I heard the pop music of that era, but what excited me was the raw “west coast” music coming out of Bakersfield California . People like Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Wynn Stewart, and some lesser known artists. I also got off on folks like Ray Price and Bob Wills, Lefty Frizell, and Hank Williams. As time went by, I moved to Austin and discovered folks like Delbert McClinton, Joe Ely, Steve Earle and the whole Texas music thing. “Santa Fe Bale” is a mixture of all these influences rolled in to one band.

      Now, I’m sure your wondering where the heck I got this name. For the last two years, I traveled to Texas for shows with my former bassist, Susan Holmes and my sometimes mandolin picker Sharon Gilchrist. In the fall of ’03, Susan took me to the Continental Club in Austin on a Sunday night to hear a band called “Haybale”. They played every Sunday at that venue. Every song they played was classic. George Jones, Waylon, Merle, on and on. It was a spiritual experience to say the least. Hence, the name “Santa Fe Bale”. This will be my version of “Haybale”. An alter ego thing, unrelated to my regular Bill Hearne Trio. We wont be doing it all the time, but whenever the opportunity comes along. We want it to be special.  In the beginning, we will be a four piece group Featuring, Cathy Faber on upright bass and great vocals, Bob Goldstein, on acoustic and electric guitar/vocals,  Augie Hays on pedal steel/vocals and myself. As time goes by, we plan on adding drums. For you dancers and lovers of “REAL” country music, we think you’ll enjoy it. At least we hope you’ll come check it out. Of course, I will continue my regular country/folk, singer/songwriter thing as well, but I’m looking forward to going back to my roots in music with “Santa Fe Bale”. Hope to see you soon.

  P. S. The “Bill Hearne Trio” will be returning to the Eldorado Hotel, 7-10P for every Sunday in January. We have been promised a real dance floor for the dancers. We begin on Jan. 1st.  Start out ’06 with the BHT.

Love to all, Bill.


John Inmon, Jerry Jeff Walker's guitarist for 20 years and long-time friend of Bill's, will join Bill on Nov 19 at Gruene Hall near New Braunfels, Texas.  Other Texas bookings include Wimberley, TX and a possible date at Poor David's Pub in Dallas.   


Lyle Lovett was in Santa Fe on September 3 and Lyle was kind enough to ask Bill to sing a few songs with him.  Bill, of course, was delighted.

A note from Bill to his fans:  "I hope to see you in September or October.  As always, Bonnie and I appreciate your love and support.  Good karma and thoughts and help to all the folks in the gulf coast area.  As Lyle said Saturday night, 'I'm grateful to be high and dry.' It was an honor to see him and I enjoyed doing two songs with him as well." 


On Jan 27, 2005, The Bill Hearne Trio (with Don Richmond) will play at the National Cowboy Gathering in Elko, NV.  This year's Gathering will be held Jan 26- 29. 


Bill has assembled the Bill Hearne Trio for some of his dates.  What a talented threesome.  Susan Hyde Holmes continues her fine work on bass and vocals.  Sharon Gilchrist, recently of the Dixie Chicks, Peter Rowan, and Tony Rice, adds some very tasteful mandolin and vocals.




Bill (and Bonnie!) will play at the Kerrville Folk Festival this June 4.  Joining them onstage will be Mike Hearne and Susan Hyde Holmes.


Bill's new CD, "From Santa Fe to Las Cruces," has been released on Big Hat Records.  (Go to the Album Store link to buy your copy by clicking here.)  Bill's voice has never sounded better and, as always, he's chosen songs by some great songwriters, including Gordon Lightfoot, Delbert McClinton, Bill Staines, Greg Trooper, and Jerry Jeff Walker.   Susan Hyde Holmes has done a fabulous job of producing.  You're gonna love this CD, which features guest appearances by Michael Hearne and Kelley Hunt. 


Bill and producer Susan Holmes are making great strides on Bill's new CD.  Mixing and mastering will take place in late November and early December.  Bill is very proud of this work and just can't say enough good things about Susan's work.  She is a treasure, no doubt.  


Bonnie wants everyone to know that she is making progress with her bulging disc.  She has played a few sets but it is still day-to-day.  She wants all of her fans to know that she appreciates your prayers, thoughts, and emails.  


Bill is very excited.  He just took a call from Lyle Lovett asking him to open for him in Salt lake City (October 15), Denver (October 16), and Albuquerque (October 17).  Check the "On The Road" link for details


Bill has finished recording almost half of his new Bill Hearne CD.   (Late September, 2003)

BILL TO RECORD NEW CD   (September, 2003)

Bill is going into the studio later this month to record a CD.  He will be working with their long-time bassist Susan Hyde Holmes as producer with some more-than-able assistance from Jim Rooney and Donnie Richmond.  Release date isn't known yet but this should be a real treat.  One of life's pleasures is watching the expression on a guitar player's face when he or she watches Bill play for the first time. 


Bill and Bonnie want their fans to know that Bonnie is suffering from 2 bulging discs in her back and won't be playing for the next several weeks.  In the meantime, Bill Hearne and Friends will be playing their gigs.  

The discs are pressing against Bonnie's sciatic nerve and is being treated by physical therapy.  She is grateful for all the prayers and good wishes that people have sent her way.  Both Bill and Bonnie would like to thank their friends in the clubs and concert halls for understanding and allowing Bill to continue the gigs with his friends.

Check this site again for any updates, which will be posted as soon as they become available.     

BILL'S NEW GUITAR  (July, 2003)

Bill has just bought a new guitar.  It's a Larrivee rosewood dreadnaught and he's ecstatic.  Loves the way it plays and sounds.  He would like to thank Jean Larrivee and all of the folks at Larrivee for their help and support.


Bill and Bonnie are very excited.  They are going to open for their good friend Nanci Griffith at the Albuquerque Zoo on August 2, 2003.


FEBRUARY 13, 2003

CD RELEASE PARTYBill and Bonnie held a CD Release Party on Thursday Feb 13 at the La Fiesta Lounge at the La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe, NM.  




BILL AND BONNIE'S NEW LIVE CD IS NOW AVAILABLE.  It's called "Celebration!  Live at La Fonda Bill and Bonnie Hearne" and was recorded live at the historic La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe, NM on August 21 and 22.   

To order your copy, please click on "The Album Store"  

"Celebration!  Live at La Fonda" was produced by Jim Rooney.  Don Richmond engineered the project which features live appearances by Steve Fromholz, Chuck Pyle, Michael Hearne, Jane Clark, The Siekers, John Egenes, Victoria Armstrong, and Segle Fry.  Bass players Susan Holmes, Steve Lindsay and Dave Toland alternated throughout the sessions.

Jim Rooney is one of the best producers in the business, winning a Grammy for his work with Nanci Griffith.  He also produced Bill and Bonnie's 1997 release "Diamonds in the Rough."

Bill and Bonnie - and Jim Rooney - are very excited about this CD.  Order yours today.  Just click on "The Album Store."  

May-June 2002

Bonnie is very excited because she has returned from San Rafael (CA) with Odessa, her new 56 lb golden retriever Seeing Eye dog.  Bonnie loves dogs and is very excited about her new four-legged companion. 

September, 2001

Bill and Bonnie will be taking a few weeks off in September to enjoy the mountains.  Bill plans to play some golf and Bonnie wants to take some hikes and listen to the wind in the pines. 


August 12, 2001

Bill and Bonnie return to Southern California when they play a "Concert in the Park" at the Conejo Community Park at Dover and Hendrix Avenues in Thousand Oaks.  


June 5, 2001

Bill and Bonnie will appear at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Kerrville Texas.  


May 25, 2001

Bill and Bonnie will be playing at the Strawberry Festival in Sonora (CA).  Also playing that day will be the Flatlanders (Joe Ely, Butch Hancock, and Jimmie Dale Gilmore) as well as Marcia Ball.

March 30 - April 2, 2001

Bill and Bonnie will be playing at Jerry Jeff Walker's annual birthday party.  For further information, please contact Tried and True Music at (512)477-0036

August 1, 2000  

New Album from Bill and Bonnie


Released on August 1, Bill and Bonnie's new album, on the Back Porch/Virgin, label features Buck Owens, Chris Hillman, Herb Pedersen, and Jay Dee Maness. The album, titled "Watching Life Through a Windshield" is produced by John Wooler and Randy Jacobs.

July 26 & 27

Bill and Bonnie Open for Lyle Lovett in Santa Fe

Bill and Bonnie once again opened the show for Lyle Lovett at the Paoli Solarium in Santa Fe.  Bill and Bonnie always enjoy seeing Lyle and his band.  Lyle's current lineup includes Sam Bush, Viktor Krauss, and Mike Auldridge.

May 12

Bill and Bonnie Play The House of Blues, Los Angeles

Back Porch Records hosted a show at the House of Blues in Los Angeles featuring Bill and Bonnie, Charlie Musselwhite, and Joe Ely.  Also appearing were Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Chris Hillman, Herb Pedersen, Meredith Marshall, and Sarah Nicole.  The I-10 Chronicles band was led by album co-producer and guitarist Randy Jacobs.  Sergio Gonzales played drums and Nathan Brown played bass guitar.     


May, 2000

Bill and Bonnie Sign With Back Porch/Virgin

Bill and Bonnie have signed a contract with Back Porch Records, a subsidiary of Virgin Records.


Spring 2000

Bill Endorses Santa Cruz Guitars

Bill had the opportunity to test out several Santa Cruz Guitars on one of his recent trips to Los Angeles.  "It plays like a dream," he said.    

Winter, 1999/2000

Bill and Bonnie Record "I-10 Chronicles" for Virgin/Back Porch, Virgin Records' Americana Label

Bill and Bonnie were in Ocean Way Studio in Los Angeles to record three songs for a concept album called "The I-10 Chronicles."  

I-10 refers, of course, to Interstate 10, which runs from Los Angeles to Jacksonville, Florida.  "The I-10 Chronicles" highlights music that we might hear if we were traveling from Los Angeles to Florida.

The three songs that Bill and Bonnie contribute to this project are Guy Clark's "L.A. Freeway," Michael Hearne's New Mexico Rain," and Ian Tyson and Pat Alger's "Eighteen Inches of Rain."

EmmyLou Harris and Willie Nelson sing harmony and Willie also adds some acoustic guitar licks. 

 Joe Ely also contributes to the album, as does Adam Duritz Counting Crows), Charlie Musselwhite, David Hidalgo (Los Lobos), Cherokee Rose, Eliades Ochoa (Buena Vista Social Club), Meredith Marshall, Sarah Nicole, Cherokee Rose, and Flaco Jimenez.  

"The I-10 Chronicles" is produced by John Wooler and Randy Jacobs and was released in the Spring of 2000.

February, 1999
Bill Showcases as a Solo Act at the North American Folk Alliance

Bill continues to venture out on his own with a solo performance at the North American Folk Alliance in Albuquerque, NM . This showcase is on Feb. 26 & 27.

February, 1999
Bonnie's Health Improving

Bonnie's health is now improving. She's able to play some venues with Bill who is tearing up audiences with his solo act.

January, 1999
Bill Performs Solo Concert in California

On January 16, Bill performed his first solo concert in Thousand Oaks California as a benefit for the Friends of the Thousand Oaks Library. As you would expect, Bill just tore 'em up with his guitar playing, his stories and his voice.

January, 1999
Bonnie and Bill Go On-Line

Bill and Bonnie now have their own email address. You can email them at:


November - December, 1998
Bonnie is Ill but Bill Performs as a Solo

I am sorry to report that Bonnie has been battling colitis for several weeks now. Doctors think it's caused by too much travel, stress, and road food. She is taking a break from music right now to focus on her health. She does appear to have the worst behind her but still has a ways to go. Please send any get well wishes to her through me at steveb@adnetsol.com.

In the meantime, Bill is performing as a solo artist

November, 1998
Bill and Bonnie Seeking A Sponsor for Newsletter

Bill and Bonnie are currently looking for someone to continue to sponsor their bi-monthly newsletter. If this is something that might interest you or a friend, please contact Steve Brogden at steveb@adnetsol.com. I would be happy to discuss the details. Thank you.

August, 1998
Bill and Bonnie Appear with Steve Earle

Bill and Bonnie opened the show for Steve Earle at the Montrose Pavilion in Montrose, Colorado on August 18. This is the first time they have appeared with Earle, who was delighted to learn that Bill and Bonnie would open for him.

April, 1998
Bill and Bonnie Appear at MerleFest

Bill and Bonnie appeared at the MerleFest in Wilkesboro, N.C. on April 24, 25 and 26. This marks their first appearance at this landmark music festival, which is a memorial to Merle Watson, son of the legendary Doc Watson.

Lee McAbee, a Nanci Griffith fan, saw Bill and Bonnie for the first time and posted to the NanciNet, "I caught several of their sets at Merlefest. What a treasure they are."

December, 1997

Bill and Bonnie Win Awards at Kerrville

It was announced at this year's Kerrville Awards Dinner that Bill and Bonnie have been elected to the Hall of Fame of the Kerrville Folk Festival. Bill and Bonnie were also named Duo of the Year.

November, 1997
Bill and Bonnie Appear in Florida

Bill and Bonnie made their first appearance in Florida on November 8. They performed at the Pensacola Gulf Coast Arts Festival.

October, 1997
Bill and Bonnie Appear on CNN's Showbiz Today

When Bill and Bonnie were in Los Angeles in August, they were invited to the CNN Studios on Sunset Blvd. to tape an interview. The CNN staff was so pleased with what they saw and heard that they decided to expand the feature. A few days later, a film crew from CNN came to McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica on the evening of their performance with Tish Hinojosa. The interview was a total success and appeared on the Showbiz Today program on October 23, 1997. The same feature appeared several times on Headline News the same week.

September 1 - 30, 1997
Bill and Bonnie Appear in Southwest Airlines' Spirit Magazine

A feature article by Sean Mitchell, a writer living in Los Angeles, appeared in the September issue of Spirit, the in-flight magazine published by Southwest Airlines. This article is probably the best that's been written about Bill and Bonnie to date. It provides the reader with insights into their personal lives, how Bill and Bonnie select their songs, and how they have survived as musical "road warriors" for over 25 years.

August 24, 1997
Bill and Bonnie at McCabes Guitar Shop in Santa Monica

Bill and Bonnie opened for their long-time friend Tish Hinojosa at McCabe's, the legendary guitar shop on Pico Blvd. in Santa Monica. It was an unqualified success. Simply put, the crowd went wild as soon as they finished their first song, "Grapes on the Vine."

August, 19, 1997
Bill and Bonnie with Lyle Lovett at the Greek Theater, Los Angeles

On August 19, 1997 Bill and Bonnie appeared at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, opening the show for Lyle Lovett. The Greek Theater is considered one of the best venues in the Los Angeles area. Bill and Bonnie played eight songs prior to Lyle's show and then joined him on-stage during his show to sing "Walk Through the Bottomland " This is a song that Lyle wrote many years ago and is one that Bill and Bonnie were delighted to record for "Diamonds in the Rough." Earlier in the Summer, Bill and Bonnie also opened for Lyle in Hyannis (MA) and two venues in Connecticut.

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